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What Happens When You Sleep Too Much?

Sufficient slumber is critical for preserving great wellness, but is there a threat in getting far too significantly slumber? When we may well be tempted to slumber long hours on the weekend, authorities recommend oversleeping may be a sign of far more severe wellness conditions, these as thyroid problems and heart illness. Also, the desire to oversleep is now linked to mental wellness issues, these as anxiousness and despair.

Through this post, we examine how significantly slumber is far too significantly. We also get a nearer look at the will cause and outcomes of oversleeping.

How A lot Sleep Is Way too A lot?

Your age normally decides the sum of slumber you have to have per night. Even so, your over-all wellness, lifestyle habits, and selected problems may also have an impact on your slumber requires. For example, if you’ve been specifically active or are heading through an sickness or stressful existence problem, you may call for far more rest than usual.

These alterations apart, most adults should really get among 7 to 8 hours of slumber per night. Below, we define the United States Heart for Ailment Regulate and Prevention’s (CDC) slumber tips dependent on age.

  • Newborn ( to three months): fourteen to 17 hours (together with naps)
  • Toddler (4 to twelve months): twelve to 16 hours (together with naps)
  • Toddler (one to two years): eleven to fourteen hours (together with naps)
  • Preschool (three to five years): ten to thirteen hours (together with naps)
  • School age (6 to twelve years): 9 to twelve hours
  • Adolescents (thirteen to 18 years): 8 to ten hours
  • Grown ups (18 to sixty five years): 7 to 8 hours

Will cause of Oversleeping

As we described above, a number of elements may lead to extra tiredness. The adhering to slumber problems and clinical conditions can lead to oversleeping.

  • Idiopathic hypersomnia: Also identified as excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS), hypersomnia will cause the intense have to have to slumber all through the working day. The desire to slumber is not glad by daytime napping and often results in for a longer time slumber durations at night. Hypersomnia is often accompanied by small strength concentrations, difficulty focusing, bad memory retention, and anxiousness indicators. All those with hypersomnia often have to have ten to twelve hours of slumber.
  • Obstructive slumber apnea: This slumber condition will cause respiration to start and cease all through slumber. Therefore, all those with slumber apnea often knowledge nighttime disruptions that have an impact on their normal slumber cycle, leading to them to prolong their slumber time.
  • Melancholy: Persistent tiredness is one particular of the most typical indicators of significant depressive condition (MDD). Additionally, antidepressant medicines can also lead to intense sleepiness.
  • Certain medicines: Some medicines may lead to drowsiness that will increase our have to have for far more slumber at night. Certain prescriptions can also make it hard to loosen up and fall asleep at night—disrupting the normal circadian rhythm and leading to the desire to oversleep.
  • Narcolepsy: The inconsistency of REM slumber and excessive sleepiness often will cause all those with narcolepsy to oversleep.
  • Coronary heart illness: Continuous tiredness may be a sign of heart illness. The heart’s inability to pump efficiently can lead to bad circulation, small strength concentrations, and serious tiredness.
  • Thyroid issues: Thyroid problems can have a destructive influence on strength concentrations, slumber designs, and temper. Hypothyroidism will cause sluggishness, despair, and tiredness, while hyperthyroidism will cause restlessness, irritability, issues slipping asleep, and anxiousness.

Effects of Oversleeping

Below, we define the wellness outcomes associated with oversleeping.

  • Being overweight: Exploration indicates all those who frequently slumber 9 to ten hours a night are far more probable to knowledge extra body weight gain and being overweight.
  • Diabetes: While study is inconclusive, some studies demonstrate a reasonable association with diabetes and amplified slumber instances among the middle-aged and more mature ladies. One National Library of Medicine review adopted 276 people today around 6 years and located that all those with equally limited and long slumber durations ended up far more probable to knowledge a glucose intolerance, which leads to diabetes.
  • Back again Agony: Prolonged sleepers are far more probable to knowledge soreness and joint inflammation, especially in the lumbar location. This is often due to muscle tiredness which takes place when resting on your again for an extended time. Oversleeping on an unsupportive mattress or in an awkward posture can also lead to serious again soreness.
  • Complications: Sleeping for a longer time than typical often will cause a hormonal imbalance which can lead to head aches.
  • Stress and anxiety and despair: A dependable slumber program helps keep hormone concentrations. When we remain in bed for a longer time than essential, our cortisol, adrenalin, and serotonin concentrations can develop into imbalanced, creating it hard for us to control anxiety and anxiousness. Around time, this imbalance may lead to despair.
  • Coronary heart illness: Reports recommend equally men and ladies who knowledge inadequate or excessive amounts of slumber have an amplified risk of cardiovascular illness and a greater mortality fee due to heart problems. 
  • Stroke: A 6-12 months review involving 31,750 adults with an typical age of 63 located that all those who slept far more than 8 hours a night ended up 23 percent far more probable to have a stroke than all those who slept among 7 and 8 hours a night.
  • Lousy immune function: A for a longer time slumber duration can influence the generation of cytokines, the team of proteins, peptides, or glycoproteins that assist the immune technique. As a outcome, for a longer time than normal slumber instances can outcome in bad immune function.

Guidelines to Stay clear of Oversleeping

The adhering to tips can assistance you get a great night’s slumber and stay clear of the harmful problems of oversleeping.

  • Manage a dependable slumber program: Sustaining a established bedtime and wake-up time guarantees you get among 7 and 8 hours of slumber. Additionally, a dependable slumber program can stop a hormonal imbalance which may lead to oversleeping. Around time, your system results in being conditioned to anticipate rest all through these instances, creating it less difficult for you to fall asleep and wake up each morning.
  • Stay clear of caffeinated beverages following two p.m: Drinks with caffeine, these as soda and espresso, can encourage the nervous technique and make it hard for you to get tranquil shuteye. Furthermore, espresso can make you feel sleepy relatively than alert, primary to daytime drowsiness. Caffeine is acknowledged to reduce the sum of deep slumber you knowledge, creating it far more probable you will oversleep.
  • Develop the excellent slumber area: It is critical to make your bedroom as comfortable, quiet, and dark as doable to endorse deep, restful slumber. Put in blackout curtains to block light-weight, use ear plugs if outside the house noises continue to keep you awake, and continue to keep electronics out of the bedroom. These alterations can assistance you uncover greater excellent rest and make certain you do not oversleep.
  • Stay clear of blue light-weight exposure: Melatonin, the slumber hormone, is brought on by darkness. Throughout the working day, when we are uncovered to sunlight, melatonin generation is small to continue to keep us alert. Even so, as the sun sets, and we are uncovered to a lot less light-weight, melatonin will increase, and we develop into drained. The blue light-weight from electronic gadgets can mimic the outcomes of sunlight and stop melatonin generation, creating it more challenging for us to fall asleep. 
  • Keep a slumber diary: A slumber diary can assistance you continue to keep monitor of your slumber habits and how they have an impact on your temper, behavior, and over-all wellness.

Routinely Questioned Inquiries

Why do I feel sleepy even following sleeping for 8 hours?

If you feel sleepy even following a complete 8 hours of slumber, you may not have expert ample time in deep slumber or REM slumber. These slumber levels are acknowledged to be the most restorative levels for the reason that they are dependable for a number of crucial capabilities, these as fixing muscle tissue, cleaning the mind, and consolidating memory. Devoid of more than enough time in these levels of slumber, you may feel groggy even following a complete night of rest.

Is it unhealthy to slumber all through the working day and be awake at night?

Sleeping all through the working day and keeping awake at night can disrupt your normal slumber-wake cycle and lead to a hormone imbalance. When the generation of melatonin, cortisol, and other hormones results in being irregular, normal bodily capabilities, these as hunger, immune function, and digestion, are also disrupted. Furthermore, an erratic slumber-wake program can also make it hard for us to keep on being alert all through the working day and slumber in a natural way at night.

Do I have hypersomnia?

If you knowledge durations of intense daytime sleepiness or prolonged nighttime sleeping, you may have hypersomnia. All those with hypersomnia also knowledge anxiousness, small strength, reduction of hunger, and bad memory. Hypersomnia is often a aspect influence of an additional slumber condition, these as narcolepsy or slumber apnea.

Do you melt away energy when sleeping?

As the system carries out critical capabilities all through slumber, we in a natural way melt away energy. The sum of energy you melt away while sleeping depends on your system body weight and metabolism. Usually, a person who weighs 125 pounds burns 38 energy per hour when sleeping. A person who weighs 185 pounds burns all over 56 energy per hour.

What is somniphobia?

Somniphobia, also acknowledged as slumber anxiousness or slumber dread, is the rigorous worry of slumber or bedtime. This situation often results in sleeplessness and anxiousness for the reason that people today are nervous about slumber throughout the working day. All those with somniphobia normally have slumber paralysis and night terrors.


There is a fantastic line among ample slumber and far too significantly slumber. Even so, if you listen to your system, keep a dependable slumber program, and apply great slumber cleanliness, you can enjoy the advantages of a complete 8 hours and reduce the risk of oversleeping. If you imagine your inclination to oversleep is linked to a far more serious wellness challenge, be guaranteed to examine these indicators with your medical doctor. They may be in a position to assistance you generate a extensive plan for greater excellent slumber.

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