Labor pain: Weigh your options for relief

Labor ache: Weigh your choices for relief

Labor ache on your mind? Knowledge ache relief choices can give you much more management about the labor and delivery process.

By Mayo Clinic Personnel

No two labors are just alike — and no two girls have the very same degree of labor ache.

The best tactic to labor ache relief is dependent on your tastes and on how your labor progresses. Occasionally, you would not know what form of ache relief you want right up until you’re in labor. However, it is really a excellent idea to consider about your choices for

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Newer Heart Valve Surgery Options

New Options for People with Advanced Aortic Stenosis

TAVR animation

One important reason to track any possible valve disease-related symptoms and get regular check-ups – especially as we age – is to ensure that any developing valve problems can be fixed at the right time. Unfortunately many people who need heart valve surgery simply do not get diagnosed in time to fix the problem in the best possible way.

Medications can be prescribed to increase the heart’s ability to pump blood which may help compensate for a valve that isn’t working correctly. However, a diseased heart valve is a mechanical problem that

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Fibromyalgia pain: Options for coping

Fibromyalgia soreness: Possibilities for coping

Fibromyalgia soreness can arrive and go. When soreness strikes, are you prepared with coping tactics?

By Mayo Clinic Employees

Fibromyalgia soreness tends to arrive and go all over your physique. On the times when your indications flare, every little thing can really feel additional hard — and it’s simple to develop into discouraged.

Occasionally, a single of the toughest things to acknowledge is that there is no overcome for fibromyalgia. Though lifestyle adjustments and medications can reduce the severity of your fibromyalgia soreness or fatigue, you will keep on to have excellent times and lousy

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Treating vitiligo: Studies look for long-term options

“Lots of individuals believe that that vitiligo is a rare condition,” says Countrywide Institutes of Wellness-supported researcher John E. Harris, M.D., Ph.D. “It truly is not. It truly is 1 of the most widespread conditions, affecting 1 in a hundred individuals all over the world.”  

Decades of analysis by professors Caroline Le Poole, Ph.D., and Dr. Harris have helped to reveal the central underpinnings of this problem.

Fifteen to twenty yrs ago, the autoimmune nature of vitiligo started to surface area. Considering the fact that then researchers have been acquiring an ever more additional correct map about fundamental mechanisms. This

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