Photos from a Historic Women’s Olympic Trials Race

But for many runners, getting to the starting line of the most exclusive marathon in the country was a victory in itself. Two runners in their third trimester of pregnancy, Rachel Hyland (27 weeks) and Lauren Philbrook (33 weeks) ran several miles together before eventually dropping out (as planned). “I think it was a visible way to show that many female runners are balancing multiple priorities (that may impact performance) when they line up to compete,” Hyland, who was running 70 miles a week until the end of January, says of her decision to participate in the Trials. “I was

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8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results

Olympic lifting is one of the most high-level, skill-based, athletic activities one can perform. No other style of lifting demands the same level of coordination, concentration, and detail than a heavy clean and jerk or snatch.


8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results - Fitness, weightlifting, grip, olympic weightlifting, neuromuscular power, barbell, intention, lifting, cues, coaching cues, tips

Olympic lifts require coaching cues to develop proper motor patterns



I’ve been incredibly lucky in my coaching career to have been brought up by some true masters in the game. About two months into my coaching career, I attended the NSCA’s Sport Specific Training Conference in Anaheim in January of 2000 and listened to Mike Burgener teach the lifts.


I was mesmerized by him

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Is the Coronavirus Threatening Surfing’s Olympic Debut?

The Tokyo Olympic Video games are scheduled to open in 5 months on July 24. Japan is reportedly paying at the very least $25 billion to set the game titles together, 2 times what they budgeted for the events. eleven,000 athletes are gearing up for Tokyo. Housing has been developed, media camps are in setting up levels, billions of bucks in broadcast contracts extended back signed and budgeted. Browsing, ultimately for some, regrettably for many others, will have its most significant mainstream viewers, possibly, just possibly, taking its location along snowboarding and skating as an motion sport with a handful

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The DACA Runner Who Can’t Race the Olympic Trials

By the time the qualifying window for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Team Trials in the marathon shut on January twenty, 260 males and 511 females experienced acquired their proper to take part in the race, which is having place this Saturday in Atlanta. The entry expectations, which stood at two:19:00 and two:45:00, respectively, ensured that some athletes bought in by the skin of their tooth, though other people arrived tantalizingly near. 

After he crossed the complete line at the Houston Marathon in January, Argeo Cruz thought that he belonged in the former classification. The 27-year-aged, who operates as an assistant

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