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Strep A Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What do the outcomes mean?

If you or your child has a beneficial consequence on a fast strep test, it usually means you have strep throat or one more strep A an infection. No more screening will be wanted.

If the fast test was destructive, but the company thinks you or your child could possibly have strep throat, he or she may well get a throat culture. If you or your child has not by now offered a sample, you will get one more swab test.

If the throat culture was beneficial, it usually means you or your child has strep throat or other strep an infection.

If the throat culture was destructive, it usually means your indicators are not becoming brought about by strep A microorganisms. Your company will in all probability get extra exams to help make a analysis.

If you or your child was identified with strep throat, you will require to just take antibiotics for ten to 14 days. Just after a working day or two of taking the medication, you or your child ought to begin to sense superior. Most persons are no longer contagious following taking antibiotics for 24 hours. But it is really vital to just take all the medication as approved. Halting early can guide to rheumatic fever or other really serious problems.

If you have queries about your outcomes or your kid’s outcomes, communicate to your well being care company.

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