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Slide show: Golf stretches for a more fluid swing

Golfing stretches can enable prepare you for a day on the class. These golfing stretches may enable advertise a fluid, comprehensive golfing swing, which can make improvements to your efficiency.

Just before you begin your golfing stretches, you may want to heat up with five to 10 minutes of light action, these types of as going for walks about the apply tee. If you have time, total the comprehensive series of golfing stretches outlined right here. Hold every stretch for about 30 seconds. Scientific tests have identified doing an unique stretch a single time is useful, and repeating an unique stretch frequently is just not necessary. Do a single established of golfing stretches every day and an additional established in advance of and immediately after every spherical of golfing.

Recall: Retain stretching light. You should not bounce. If you feel suffering, you have stretched far too significantly.