Why Training Partners Are Essential

Any individual is peculiar who usually takes on a perilous path or scales up the best peak, without the guidance of a staff and the encouragement of a associate producing the trek with them. If some particular person does hike up some monstrous mountain alone, they probably have done it many situations before with other individuals. They initial relied on the enable of a guide and the support of a band of persons using on the job with them before they could do it by them selves.


The desire to share an practical experience is nearly the exact same

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The Six Pack of Knowledge: Thought Leaders in Hypertrophy

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This is a set of interviews with some of the leading minds and imagined leaders doing the job in the industry today. I am your host, Tom MacCormick, a individual coach and on the internet mentor. A couple of issues make these podcasts one of a kind, and I hope satisfying and inspiring: I am attempting to curate the greatest hypertrophy gurus on the planet. I believe we have gotten off to a excellent commence with the gurus down below.



Next, I am constantly doing the job with clients

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This Former Marine Planked for 8 Hours and Set a World Record

How long can you maintain a plank for? Since George Hood, a sixty two-year-outdated previous marine, likely just blew you out of the water. On Feb. 15, Hood held the pose for eight several hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. He broke the Guinness Globe File for the longest plank.

In circumstance you’re asking yourself, that is for a longer time than it requires to enjoy The Irishman 2 times, or the whole first Star Wars trilogy. According to a United states of america Today estimate, Hood burned 4,252 energy.

It was not the initial time that Hood, who’s also

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The Underpinning Reason That Stops You From Building Muscle


Luke Leaman is a coach, exercise educator and founder of Muscle mass Nerds, the business he shaped following turning into disgruntled with the field and the lack of empathy and science in it. He is also an acolyte of the fantastic Charles Poliquin, unfortunately no for a longer time with us, and a very respected imagined leader in hypertrophy.



In this episode, we explore:


  • The underpinning rationale that stops men and women from making muscle mass
  • How to evaluate your total overall health and worry status with 3 easy metrics
  • Why leas manner is a solution to unlocking your beast
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From Muscle Dysmorphia to Building a World-Class Set of Legs


Adam Bisek is a mentor similarly at house in human being or on line. He describes his position as the prospect to adjust life. To that close, he also thinks that particular education should be just as described, particular.



In this episode, we explore:


  • How muscle dysmorphia shaped Adam’s conditioning journey
  • How he got viewpoint and identified that his struggles had been in fact a blessing in disguise
  • The worth of intention if you want to accomplish accomplishment
  • How to construct a environment-class set of legs


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