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Overdue pregnancy: What to do when baby’s overdue

Overdue being pregnant: What to do when baby’s overdue

An overdue being pregnant can go away you tired and anxious. Come across out what may well result in an overdue being pregnant and what it can indicate for you and your toddler.

By Mayo Clinic Personnel

Your thanks date has arrive and long gone — and you are even now pregnant. What is actually going on?

Despite the fact that your thanks date may well appear to have magical characteristics, it can be merely a calculated estimate of when your toddler will be forty weeks. Your thanks date does not estimate when your toddler will get there. It truly is typical to give birth just before or after your thanks date. In actuality, your being pregnant need to keep on two weeks previous your thanks date to gain the official label of postterm being pregnant.

Adequate by now!

You may well be far more likely to have a postterm being pregnant if:

  • This is your initial being pregnant
  • You’ve got experienced a prior overdue being pregnant
  • Your toddler is a boy
  • You have a human body mass index of thirty or increased (weight problems)
  • Your thanks date was calculated incorrectly, possibly thanks to confusion over the precise date of the start of your very last menstrual period of time or if your thanks date was based on a late 2nd- or 3rd-trimester ultrasound.

Hardly ever, an overdue being pregnant may well be connected to issues with the placenta or the toddler.

Whatever the result in, you are probably tired of being pregnant, not to point out anxious. Rest assured, an overdue being pregnant will never very last eternally. Labor could commence at any time.

Postterm being pregnant dangers

Research shows that when being pregnant extends in between 41 weeks and 41 weeks and six times (late-time period being pregnant) as properly as forty two weeks or beyond (postterm being pregnant), your toddler may well be at improved possibility of well being issues, such as:

  • Currently being noticeably much larger than ordinary at birth (fetal macrosomia), which may well increase the possibility of an operative vaginal supply, C-portion, or having a shoulder trapped guiding your pelvic bone for the duration of supply (shoulder dystocia)
  • Postmaturity syndrome, which is marked by lessened fats beneath the skin, a deficiency of a greasy coating (vernix caseosa), lessened soft, downy hair (lanugo), and staining of the amniotic fluid, skin and umbilical cord by your baby’s initial bowel movement (meconium)
  • Small amniotic fluid (oligohydramnios), which can have an effect on your baby’s coronary heart charge and compress the umbilical cord for the duration of contractions

Late-time period and postterm pregnancies can also pose dangers, these as supply troubles:

  • Critical vaginal tears
  • Infection
  • Postpartum bleeding

Maintaining an eye on your being pregnant

Prenatal care will keep on after you pass your thanks date. All through visits, your well being care service provider will examine your baby’s dimensions, coronary heart charge, posture and talk to about your baby’s actions.

If you are far more than just one week previous your thanks date, your well being care service provider may well do fetal coronary heart charge checking (nonstress check) and an amniotic fluid volume evaluation or a mixture of a nonstress check and a fetal ultrasound (biophysical profile). In some conditions, labor induction may well be suggested. Labor induction is the stimulation of uterine contractions for the duration of being pregnant just before labor begins on its have to accomplish a vaginal birth.

Giving toddler a nudge

If you and your well being care service provider select labor induction, you may well be provided medicine to support your cervix ripen. Your well being care service provider may well dilate your cervix by inserting into it a tiny tube (catheter) with an inflatable balloon on the end. Filling the balloon with saline and resting it in opposition to the inside of of the cervix assists ripen the cervix. If your amniotic sac is even now intact, your well being care service provider may well split your water by generating an opening with a thin plastic hook.

If important, you may well also be provided medicine to kick-start your contractions. A prevalent choice is Pitocin, a artificial variation of oxytocin — a hormone that brings about the uterus to contract.

Dangle in there

You might be in the homestretch! Whether or not your well being care service provider implies a hold out-and-see method or schedules an induction, keep in touch and make guaranteed you know what to do if you assume you are in labor. In the meantime, do your finest to enjoy the rest of your being pregnant.