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Nonstress Test: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What is a nonstress examination?

A nonstress examination is a harmless, noninvasive examination for expecting ladies. Noninvasive implies it won’t minimize into the skin or enter any aspect of the human body. The examination measures the heart level of an unborn child as the child moves in the uterus. In most healthful babies, the heart level, also acknowledged as the fetal heart level, boosts during movement. If your nonstress examination results showed that the heart level was not standard, it may perhaps mean that your child is not having enough oxygen. If this comes about, you may perhaps need more tests or therapy, or in some situations, delivery may perhaps be induced. Inducing labor is when a supplier offers you drugs or employs other solutions to start out labor prior to it begins normally.

Other names: fetal nonstress examination, NST