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Maker’s Mark Wants to Pay Your Checked Bag Fee

If you are traveling residence for the holidays, there may be a instant you are dreading extra than conversations about politics. We signify the stress and anxiety of stepping onto an airplane and attempting to find room for your carry-on bag. When people overhead compartments slam shut, you never want to be left out. The choice, of class, is checking your luggage—and which is gonna price tag ya (typically $thirty on your very first bag). But for the impending weeks, Maker’s Mark could just include that rate with its Whisky Flights marketing.

Wondering why a producer of beloved bourbons would offer you to shell out for your baggage?

“We know you simply cannot carry a bottle of Maker’s Mark Bourbon in your carry-on baggage, so we’re encouraging people to examine a bag on their future holiday-certain flight so they can carry a tiny spirit residence to share,” claims Rob Samuels.

Samuels is an eighth-era whiskeymaker and the grandson of the founders of Maker’s Mark. As controlling director at the distillery, he’s also the a person signing the metaphorical checks.

To be crystal clear, this is a sweepstakes and not all people is going to be a winner. According to the rules, there is a person entry authorized for every man or woman and Maker’s Mark will reimburse winners up to $forty by way of electronic reward card for bag costs (up to $50,000).

Baggage fees…since 2008

Baggage costs ended up not constantly a detail. In fact, most airlines authorized travellers to examine two bags for totally free. Then in 2008, United Airways started charging $25 for a second checked bag. Months later, American Airways grew to become the very first airline to demand for that very first checked bag ($15). In both of those conditions, other airlines immediately followed match. It’s a big money maker. In 2019, airlines manufactured $5.8 billions pounds in baggage costs. The a person holdout is Southwest Airways that continue to enables the very first two bags for totally free.

If you are questioning what bottle to pack, Maker’s Mark a short while ago rolled out the Wood Finishing Series 2021 Constrained Launch: FAE-02. Setting up with a barrel of absolutely matured, cask toughness Maker’s Mark, they added 10 seared virgin French oak staves. The outcome is a spirit with an aroma of toasty, sweet oak with caramel and mild brown sugar. On the palate, you will get oak and spice. This is the second in the wooden finishing collection. In fact, FAE-01 was just named the second-ideal whiskey of 2021 by Whisky Advocate who named it “A flavor-packed, oak-pushed bourbon that wears its proof nicely.”

To see if Maker’s will be choosing up your bag tab, check out concerning December 15 and 31, 2021 and add an eligible airline checked bag receipt.

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