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Learn More About COVID-19 Vaccines From the FDA


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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has licensed 3 COVID-19 vaccines for crisis use. The vaccines are:

Crisis use authorization (EUA) permits these vaccines to be distributed in the U.S. Find out a lot more about EUAs for COVID-19 vaccines from the FDA’s Middle for Biologics Evaluation and Exploration (CBER).

Who approves COVID-19 vaccines?

The Fda is the company responsible for regulating vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccines. Fda employees who are profession scientists and doctors are the people who determined to authorize COVID-19 vaccines right after they cautiously critique the data on COVID-19 vaccine safety, usefulness and manufacturing excellent. The Fda may possibly difficulty an EUA when the agency’s scientific experts have identified that the known and prospective advantages of the vaccine outweigh its known and prospective dangers. Fda employees are fathers, mothers, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers and a lot more. They and their people are specifically impacted by the get the job done they do.

Why must I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

When you get a COVID-19 vaccine, you are picking out to secure you and make a distinction for your young children, mother and father, grandparents, and other loved ones. Millions of people in the U.S. have now been given a COVID-19 vaccine. For a neighborhood to be completely protected, most neighborhood users want to get the vaccine. Obtaining vaccinated against COVID-19 will assist secure you from COVID-19, and it may possibly also secure the people about you.

How do I get a COVID-19 vaccine?

Go to the Facilities for Ailment Control and Avoidance (CDC) website to locate your state and local well being departments who are responsible for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. All concerns and fears must be despatched to your state govt or local well being department. The U.S. government’s goal is to have adequate COVID-19 vaccine doses for all people in the U.S. who decide on to be vaccinated.

Fda-licensed COVID-19 vaccines are currently being distributed for free of charge by states and local communities. If you see vaccines for sale on the internet, or if another person asks you for revenue to get a vaccine appointment, to set your name on a waiting list, or to get access to a vaccine, it is a scam. You do not want to pay out to get a vaccine appointment or to be set on a waiting list.

Does the COVID-19 vaccine get the job done?

Of course. All 3 Fda-licensed vaccines are successful in blocking hospitalization and fatalities from COVID-19 and may possibly be supplied to any individual suitable to obtain a COVID-19 vaccine.  The Fda cautiously evaluated and analyzed the safety and usefulness data for all COVID-19 vaccines and identified that all of the obtainable data for just about every vaccine gives apparent evidence that the known and prospective advantages outweigh the known and prospective dangers of just about every vaccine’s use.

Do the COVID-19 vaccines get the job done against the new variants?

Even though just about every Fda-licensed COVID-19 vaccine is marginally different, obtainable details indicates that the licensed vaccines stay successful in defending the American public against at this time circulating strains of COVID-19. We are now talking with vaccine manufacturers about these new strains and how to swiftly and safely make any changes that may possibly be essential in the upcoming.

Some variants spread a lot more easily than some others. To assist slow the spread of COVID-19, get a COVID-19 vaccine when it is obtainable to you. Other methods to slow the spread contain:

  • Donning a mask
  • Trying to keep six toes apart from some others who don’t dwell with you
  • Staying away from crowds and badly ventilated indoor spaces
  • Washing your fingers usually with soap and drinking water (use hand sanitizer if soap and drinking water are not obtainable)

How safe and sound are the COVID-19 vaccines?

The Fda evaluated data from medical scientific tests that involved tens of thousands of people. The data from these scientific tests plainly present that the known and prospective advantages of the Fda-licensed COVID-19 vaccines considerably outweigh the known and prospective dangers.

Millions of doses of Fda-licensed COVID-19 vaccines have been supplied to people all about the state. Significant adverse events pursuing vaccination are very rare. No severe, everyday living-threatening allergic reactions occurred in medical research members, nevertheless, right after finding a COVID-19 vaccine in their neighborhood, a couple people experienced anaphylaxis (a significant, everyday living-threatening allergic response that takes place inside of seconds or minutes of exposure to an allergen). Due to the fact of this remote likelihood of significant allergic response, well being care providers may possibly inquire you to keep at the place where you been given a vaccine for checking for fifteen to 30 minutes.

To day the Fda and other govt organizations have not recognized any new safety indicators that elevate concerns about the dangers and advantages of COVID-19 vaccines. A safety sign is details from 1 or a lot more sources, these types of as federal surveillance plans, that indicates an adverse event may possibly potentially be relevant to a vaccine or medication and that even more evaluation via further scientific tests or close checking may possibly be essential.

Can I see the data showing the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and sound and successful?

The Fda is publicly sharing details about COVID-19 vaccines so you can see the evidence for you. The FDA’s investigation of medical trial data, as properly as demographic details about the medical research volunteers, is obtainable in the Fda Briefing Document for just about every vaccine. You can see outdoors experts talk about the data on the advisory committee webcasts. The FDA’s reasoning for authorizing just about every vaccine is obtainable in the Fda Selection Memorandum.

Does the Fda keep track of COVID-19 vaccine safety right after approval or authorization?

Of course. The Fda and the CDC have many methods in place to continually keep track of COVID-19 vaccine safety. These methods, identified as “passive surveillance” and “active surveillance” methods, swiftly detect and investigate prospective safety difficulties. Systems these types of as the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting Process (VAERS) and CDC’s textual content-primarily based v-safe and sound system, which obtain experiences of adverse events pursuing vaccination, are illustrations of passive surveillance methods. The FDA‘s Very best Initiative is an case in point of an lively surveillance system, which can swiftly assess details transpiring in thousands and thousands of individuals recorded in massive data methods to investigate any safety indicators that are recognized by VAERS or v-safe and sound.

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