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Hand-washing: Do’s and don’ts – Mayo Clinic

Jason Howland: Most of us aren’t knowledgeable we are undertaking it.

We contact our confront between 3 to thirty situations an hour.

The issue, says Dr. Gregory Poland, is what we contact beforehand is often riddled with germs.

Gregory Poland, M.D., Vaccine Study Team Mayo Clinic: Toilet faucets, door handles, escalator rails, laptop terminals, just about anything that is typically touched by the community.

Jason Howland: But how germ-filled are typical objects? Let us start with dollars.

Gregory Poland, M.D.: Negative but not really transmissible.

Jason Howland: Touchscreens, equipment, telephones?

Gregory Poland, M.D.: Negative.

Jason Howland: Restaurant menus?

Gregory Poland, M.D.: Seriously undesirable.

Jason Howland: Doorknob handles?

Gregory Poland, M.D.: Seriously, definitely undesirable.

Jason Howland: What about our laptop keyboards?

Gregory Poland, M.D.: Individuals have been shown more than and more than again to be definitely grossly contaminated.

Jason Howland: These typical surfaces aren’t just gross. They can be a auto to unfold cold and flu viruses, and make you ill. Dr. Poland presents these strategies.

Gregory Poland, M.D.: Very first, continue to keep your arms out of your eyes, nose and mouth. Second is both wash your arms with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer.

Jason Howland: And make positive you get your yearly flu vaccine.

For the Mayo Clinic News Community, I am Jason Howland.