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Facts About In-Home HIV Testing


The OraQuick In-Home HIV Test Kit is a do-it-yourself rapid home-use HIV test kit provides results in 20-40 minutes and does not require sending a sample to a laboratory for analysis.


It is estimated that 1.1 million folks in the U.S. are residing with HIV. And some of all those folks — about just one in 7 — really don’t know they have it, according to the U.S. Centers for Condition Handle and Prevention (CDC).

HIV screening is vital to controlling the virus. If folks can not get to a clinic for screening, or have concerns about their privacy, there is a household screening kit that has been evaluated and accredited by the U.S. Food stuff and Drug Administration (Fda).

Why is HIV screening significant?

The CDC recommends that absolutely everyone involving the ages of 13 and 64 several years aged be screened for HIV at minimum as soon as as element of their program well being care. Additional regular screening is suggested for folks who have a larger risk of infection since of behaviors these types of as obtaining intercourse without having condoms, obtaining intercourse with numerous companions, or injecting drugs using shared needles.

When folks know their HIV standing, they have effective facts they can use to get care of themselves.

For folks who are HIV beneficial, there are Fda-accredited medicines that can help retain the virus less than control. These medicines do not remedy HIV, but they can help folks live extended, more healthy life and reduce the opportunity they’ll unfold the virus to anyone else. For folks who are HIV destructive, there are Fda-accredited PrEP (or pre-exposure prophylaxis) drugs that may help secure in opposition to infection. HIV medicines can often result in aspect effects. It is significant to communicate with your well being care company right before setting up a new medicine and about aspect effects and warnings for any medicines you get.

Can I properly test myself at household?

The OraQuick In-Household HIV Check is the only HIV test accredited by the Fda that folks can use to test themselves at household or in a private place. OraQuick was accredited in 2012 for sale in suppliers and on line to anybody age seventeen and older.

The kit does not demand sending a sample to a lab. It assessments fluid from the mouth and provides effects in twenty to forty minutes.

How does the OraQuick In-Household HIV test kit operate?

The test checks for antibodies to HIV.  Antibodies are proteins the overall body makes to fight off an infection.

The kit contains a test stick you use to swab your higher and lessen gums to gather an oral fluid sample from your mouth. The stick is then positioned in a tube with a screening alternative. Following twenty to forty minutes, just one line will surface if the test is destructive. Two lines show that HIV antibodies ended up detected and that you may be HIV beneficial.

If the household test is beneficial, a follow-up laboratory test will require to be completed to validate the effects.

If I get a beneficial end result with the OraQuick test, does that suggest I definitively have HIV?

Not always. Additional screening completed by means of a lab is necessary to validate your HIV standing. Glimpse at this as a very first move in HIV screening. Because no test is ideal, there will be some wrong beneficial effects. Medical studies for self-screening have proven that the OraQuick test will deliver just one wrong beneficial end result out of about each and every 5,000 assessments in uninfected persons.

If you get a beneficial end result, it is really incredibly significant that you follow up on the end result with your well being care specialist for more screening and for procedure if the infection is confirmed. You can also simply call the OraQuick Purchaser Support Middle, which has counselors offered 24 several hours a day to solution inquiries and present local referrals for follow-up screening and care.

If I get a destructive end result with the OraQuick test, does that suggest that I definitively do not have HIV?

No — and this is significant for people of the test to fully grasp. The test is not trustworthy at detecting HIV infection right until at minimum three months soon after infection. In addition, even soon after three months, there can also be wrong destructive effects since no test is ideal. Medical studies by untrained individuals confirmed that the OraQuick test will deliver about just one wrong destructive end result out of each and every twelve assessments done in HIV- contaminated persons. Also, persons getting medicine to deal with or avoid HIV infection may get wrong destructive effects since the medicines may have an impact on antibody amounts. This indicates that it’s significant not to depend on a destructive test end result to make your mind up no matter if to interact in habits that puts you at risk for HIV infection.

What are other HIV test options beside a household test?

HIV assessments are provided at lots of sorts of spots which include your well being care provider’s place of work. The CDC world-wide-web webpage on HIV screening has facts on where you can get screened, the different sorts of assessments and what you can hope.