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Dozens of Mammals at Risk of COVID Infection

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Oct. seven, 2020 (HealthDay News) — Extra than two dozen styles of animals that are generally in shut get in touch with with individuals could be at risk of coronavirus infection, a new analyze implies.

This could threaten some endangered species and damage certain styles of farms. In addition, some animals could act as reservoirs for human reinfection, according to the researchers at University Higher education London (UCL).

For the analyze, the investigators examined how the spike protein on SARS-CoV-two interacts with a protein that it attaches to when it infects individuals, named the ACE2 protein. The researchers then seemed at how effectively the virus protein could bind to the ACE2 protein in 215 distinct animals.

Binding to the ACE2 protein allows the virus to enter host cells. It is really attainable the virus may possibly be in a position to infect animals by way of a distinct pathway, but latest details implies which is unlikely, the analyze authors stated.

Of the species studied, the researchers uncovered evidence that 26 animals often in get in touch with with individuals could be prone to infection with the new coronavirus.

Most birds, fish and reptiles really don’t appear to be at risk, but the vast majority of the mammals reviewed could perhaps be infected, the conclusions showed.

In some mammals, this kind of as sheep and terrific apes (chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan and bonobo, many of which are endangered), the proteins would be in a position to bind with each other just as strongly as they do when the virus infects individuals.

Some of the animals, this kind of as sheep, have not still been studied with infection tests, so these conclusions really don’t ensure that they can in fact be infected, according to the report revealed Oct. five in the journal Scientific Reviews.

The researchers predict attainable infection of domestic cats, canines, lions, tigers and mink, which have had noted instances, as effectively as ferrets and macaques, which have been infected in lab scientific studies.

“We required to glance over and above just the animals that had been studied experimentally, to see which animals may possibly be at risk of infection, and would warrant more investigation and attainable monitoring,” stated lead author Christine Orengo, a professor of structural and molecular biology at UCL.


“The animals we identified could be at risk of outbreaks that could threaten endangered species or damage the livelihoods of farmers. The animals may possibly also act as reservoirs of the virus, with the prospective to reinfect individuals later on, as has been documented on mink farms,” she additional in a UCL information release.

Study co-author Joanne Santini, a professor of structural and molecular biology, stated massive-scale surveillance of animals — specially animals and farm animals — is wanted to capture instances early, though the risk to individuals and animals is manageable.

“It could also be critical to use cleanliness measures when working with animals, equivalent to the behaviors we have all been mastering this year to decrease transmission, and for infected individuals to isolate from animals as effectively as from other individuals,” Santini additional.

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Source: University Higher education London, information release, Oct. five, 2020

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