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Creatine is an amino acid found generally in your body’s muscle groups as perfectly as in the brain. Most folks get creatine by seafood and red meat — nevertheless at concentrations significantly beneath these observed in synthetically made creatine dietary supplements. The body’s liver, pancreas and kidneys also can make about one gram of creatine for every day.

Your system outlets creatine as phosphocreatine primarily in your muscle groups, exactly where it is really used for electricity. As a final result, folks get creatine orally to strengthen athletic performance and boost muscle mass.

Individuals also use oral creatine to handle particular brain ailments, neuromuscular situations, congestive heart failure and other situations. Topical creatine could possibly be used to handle aging skin.


Analysis on creatine use for specific things to do and situations shows:

  • Strength, muscle dimension and performance. Oral creatine use could possibly allow an athlete to do a lot more do the job all through reps or sprints, primary to larger gains in toughness, muscle mass and performance. Creatine is often used by athletes involved in significant-depth intermittent things to do that involve a immediate restoration all through education and level of competition.
  • Injury avoidance. Oral creatine could possibly minimize the frequency of dehydration, muscle cramping, and injuries to the muscle groups, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves.
  • Uncommon creatine-metabolizing syndromes. In small children with the particular creatine deficiency syndromes, oral creatine dietary supplements could possibly strengthen some signs.
  • Cognition and brain wellness. Creatine supplementation could possibly strengthen performance all through cognitive tasks, primarily in more mature older people.
  • Sarcopenia and bone wellness. Creatine supplementation could possibly aid counteract age-linked declines in skeletal muscle and bone mineral density.
  • Coronary heart failure. There isn’t plenty of evidence to recommend use of oral creatine as a heart failure remedy.
  • Pores and skin aging. Early study implies that a product made up of creatine and other components used to the deal with just about every day for six months could possibly minimize skin sag and wrinkles in gentlemen. A further review implies that a product made up of creatine and folic acid improves sun damage and cuts down wrinkles.

Individuals who have reduced concentrations of creatine — this sort of as vegetarians — surface to gain most from creatine dietary supplements.

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Green light: Generally safe

Commonly protected

Creatine could possibly gain athletes who need limited bursts of velocity or greater muscle toughness, this sort of as sprinters, pounds lifters and group sport athletes.

While taking creatine could possibly not aid all athletes, evidence implies that it typically would not hurt if taken as directed.

While an more mature scenario review proposed that creatine could possibly worsen kidney dysfunction in folks with kidney ailments, creatine would not surface to affect kidney operate in wholesome folks.

Protection and aspect outcomes

When used orally at correct doses, creatine is probable protected to get for up to five yrs. As with any dietary nutritional supplement, it is really important to choose a merchandise that follows advisable producing practices and subscribes to 3rd-social gathering screening to be certain the product’s quality.

Creatine can result in:

  • Fat obtain, typically as lean system mass

Creatine could possibly be unsafe for folks with preexisting kidney troubles. However, further study is necessary.


Probable interactions include things like:

  • Caffeine. Combining caffeine with creatine could possibly lessen the efficacy of creatine. Use of creatine with a every day quantity of caffeine larger than three hundred milligrams could possibly also worsen the development of Parkinson’s condition. Even further study is necessary.