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Chromated Arsenicals (CCA) | Ingredients Used in Pesticide Products

Chromated arsenicals, which contains chromated copper arsenate (CCA), is a team of pesticides that contains chromium, copper, and/or arsenic that secure wood from termites, fungi and other pests that can degrade or threaten the integrity of wood merchandise. Chromated arsenicals-addressed wood is made use of to deliver industrial wood shake, shingles, long term basis assist beams and other wood merchandise permitted by authorised labeling. EPA is at present reevaluating all chromated arsenicals as section of the Registration Evaluate software (see Docket Selection EPA-HQ-OPP-2015-0349 at

Essential Info

  • Chromated arsenicals has been made use of as a wood preservative pesticide due to the fact the 1940s.
  • Chromated arsenicals pesticides are applied making use of specialised substantial-strain products in wood treatment method services by certified pesticide applicators only.
  • Prior to 2004, wood addressed with chromated arsenicals was made use of in residential buildings this kind of as decks and playsets.
    • In December 2003, chromated arsenicals companies voluntarily discontinued production chromated arsenicals-addressed wood merchandise for home-owner utilizes.
    • However, EPA has not banned chromated arsenicals and does not involve the removal of current buildings built with wood addressed with chromated arsenicals or the bordering soil.
    • If you have an more mature deck or other composition built with chromated arsenicals-addressed wood, implementing a penetrating protective coating (this kind of as oil- or drinking water-dependent stains) on a common basis may perhaps lessen the leaching of chemical compounds.
  • Alternatives to chromated arsenicals-addressed wood contain the adhering to:
    • Wood addressed with other preservatives authorised by EPA
    • Wood-alternative and composite materials and
    • Species of wood that are resistant to pests.

Disposing of Items Handled with Chromated Arsenicals Safely and securely

  • Although chromated arsenicals pesticide merchandise are not available to property owners, folks may perhaps come across wood addressed with chromated arsenicals in a residential location (e.g., current addressed buildings).
    • Reuse of chromated arsenicals-addressed wood is not subject matter to regulation by EPA under pesticide laws. 
    • If property owners have to have to dispose of chromated arsenicals-addressed wood, it can typically be disposed of by regular trash collection (i.e., as municipal good waste)
    • However, state and community governments may perhaps have distinct advice or guidance for disposing of addressed wood, so you should test with your state or community waste administration software.
    • Wood addressed with chromated arsenicals should not be reused in merchandise this kind of as mulch.
    • Do not burn off CCA or other preservative-addressed wood in a residential location to prevent attainable inhalation of toxic chemical compounds in the smoke and ash.
    • Don goggles and a dust mask when sawing wood addressed with chromated arsenicals, and wash your hands soon after dealing with.
  • The Source Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) is the federal regulation that creates the framework for the proper administration and disposal of dangerous and nonhazardous good waste.

Supplemental Info

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