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(BPRW) New App Dedicated to Saving the Lives of Black Women with Breast Cancer | Press releases

(BPRW) New Application Committed to Saving the Lives of Black Girls with Breast Most cancers

(Black PR Wire) Breast most cancers doesn’t have a shade but the journey, narrative, and practical experience of a Black female surviving most cancers are radically unique from a white female. Scientific studies propose Black gals do not have the best diagnosis of breast most cancers incidence, nonetheless they have a higher loss of life amount than other races of gals. 

When Rev. Tammie Denyse been given her diagnosis, she discovered that Black gals had a forty one% higher mortality amount than white gals with an equivalent diagnosis. Shaken by this revelation, she was propelled by her personal would like to Stay even with the diagnosis and be there to help save a group of Black gals dealing with the identical instances. 

Now a 17-year breast most cancers survivor, she has focused herself to advocating for most cancers people and their families as a result of the trauma of a most cancers diagnosis. She co-founded Carrie’s Touch with her late sister Lynne Rankin-Cochran concentrating on the regional religion-dependent group. 

When Rev. Tammie recognized the gut-wrenching statistic that forty one% of Black gals die far more usually than white gals, she sought to fully grasp the factors why. 

Diagnosed with aggressive breast most cancers that had already begun to unfold, her oncologist explained to her that she may not live to see the coveted 5-year anniversary.

She was offered to take part in a scientific trial but was shocked when her oncologist shared she was unaware of how Black gals were being responding to the trial. It was at that instant that Rev. Tammie was identified to live not only for herself and her little ones but also to assistance other Black gals live.

In their fifteenth year of functions, Carrie’s Touch released the  Survive and Thrive application. It is the 1st-of-its-sort application produced by BIPOC gals for BIPOC gals in the battle for their Lifestyle soon after a breast most cancers diagnosis. The Survive and Thrive app aims to near the breast most cancers mortality disparity for Black gals. They are steadfast in their commitment to reverse the staggering statistic that continues to be now. 

Rev. Tammie clarifies, “Being a pastor and a Black female, concentrating on the religion-dependent group was natural and organic for us,” she proceeds. “We required to get the term out to Black gals in the group and educate them about breast most cancers and the significance of early detection.” 


Even though breast most cancers does not have a shade, the journey, narrative, and practical experience of a Black female surviving most cancers are oftentimes radically unique from a white female.

Black gals are burdened by a lot of things which include lack of sufficient assistance, lack of health practitioner-client have confidence in, lack of monetary and substance resources, lack of awareness and details and lack of education and learning about breast most cancers and its a lot of treatments and facet consequences. 

Survive and Thrive’s purpose is straightforward and is encouraged by the breast most cancers diagnosis of Rev. Tammie’s personal journey, the gals she serves, commitment to assistance far more Black, Indigenous, Girls of Colour, and to humanize their practical experience with breast most cancers.

Rev. Tammie says Survive and Thrive is the long term of breast most cancers advocacy simply because it is even now unacceptable that Black gals are dying at forty one% higher costs than white gals.

“We are employing tangible assistance and resources for Black, Indigenous, Girls of Colour and creating a clearer pathway of conversation and understanding among client and health practitioner as a result of a far more in depth photo of the full female, not just her diagnosis,” she provides.

Important features of the application are:

  • “I WAS JUST DIAGNOSED” Web page that gives an effortless “Start Here” possibility for new survivors.
  • Meditations, affirmations, journals, and reminders developed for Breast Most cancers Survivors.
  • Assistance teams, movies, monetary resources, oncologists of shade, free/low-charge treatment, and other resources. 

This application is available on iOS equipment and furnished for free by Carrie’s Touch


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