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Bowflex’s Adjustable SelectTech Barbells Reviewed

For guys who need that muscle-swelling correct you can only get from pumping iron, developing up your personal house gymnasium grew to become a requirement over the lockdown. The pandemic shut down gyms pretty much all across the nation (with some states still mandating closures), forcing conditioning fanatics to get significant about maximizing their house gymnasium place. That need matches in flawlessly with Bowflex’s SelectTech line, which presents tons of alternatives and body weight collection in a compact type tailor-made for tight house workout rooms. Bowflex’s first foray into the place-preserving conditioning equipment arrived with its dumbbells, which supply 5 to 52.5 lbs . of body weight in a shoebox-sizing footprint for every dumbbell. Following arrived some super-amazing kettlebells. And now, its most up-to-date innovation is the SelectTech 2080 Barbell with Curl Bar, which ups the compact, complete gymnasium equipment-fest for your house.

(Notice that these have been released in October 2020, but with the pandemic’s ongoing stranglehold on provides and transport, they are just now coming in stock, and even then they can be challenging to come across or are backordered for months.)

What It Is

Constructing off of the reliable and consumer-friendly types of Bowflex’s past adjustable body weight sets, the 2080 provides you 20 to eighty lbs . in 10-pound increments with the preference of making use of a regular straight bar or a curl (or EZ) bar. The curl bar, with its W-formed style and design, is meant to assist relieve stress on your wrists when performing exercise routines like standing curls, seated preacher curls, and lying triceps extensions. The body weight plates sit at an angle in the plastic holders and have three small hooks that latch into each and every other, which make it possible for them to be joined or separated by turning the sleek dial at possibly conclusion of the bars—one plate is completely attached to the bars for your most affordable body weight of 20 lbs ..

Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell
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Setup is a small more included than with the Bowflex kettlebells or dumbbells, which are in essence prepared to be swung and curled the immediate they come out of the box. For the barbells, you’ll need to assemble the foundation, consisting of a metallic frame and two plastic buckets that keep the weights. It requires a small finagling to get the length involving the plastic holders specific ample to make it possible for for effortless adjustment of the dial and suitable hook-up of the weights, but that requires just a couple of minutes of tightening and loosening the bolts keeping the trays to the frame. As soon as you get it dialed in, the system functions flawlessly, allowing for for effortless collection of body weight and speedy transitions involving the curl bar and the straight bar.

For those people who don’t want to elevate the barbells off of the ground each and every time they perform out or decide to improve weights, Bowflex presents a Media Stand that provides the weights up off of the floor to a peak of two.5 ft and includes a slanted slab in which you can area a pill or smartphone for workout inspiration or training video clips. And Bowflex provides you accessibility to fourteen free vids that supply primary recommendations on regular barbell exercise routines like bent rows, curls, overhead presses, lifeless lifts, and triceps extensions.

Admittedly eighty lbs . is not a ton of body weight for performing maximally effective squats for most guys, or for genuinely testing your strength in other moves, but Bowflex also presents an upgrade of forty more lbs . for $149, making for a max body weight of a hundred and twenty lbs .. Also not weighty iron, but ample to problem you in your house for arm exercise routines and single-leg exercise routines like lunges and deadlifts.


Bowflex SelectTech 2080 Barbell
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Why We Like It

The selection of each bars is a terrific preference to have bundled and, once you get it established up appropriately, it functions nicely when you want to choose a new body weight. The adjustment knob is sleek and effortless to change, and has a furthermore or minus on possibly aspect of the crystal clear window which exhibits the body weight in kilos and lbs .. The bars have deep knurling just like on the gymnasium-quality bars at your typical place, and sense reliable and robust, just like the bars that you are most familiar with.

However the system is not heading to genuinely problem the hardcore gymnasium rats who obtained shut out of their beloved discomfort palace, it is sturdy ample to provide most absolutely everyone ample body weight (particularly with the upgrade) to build muscle, maintain some mass, and get a good swole on, all in the consolation of your house. And at significantly less than 5 ft prolonged and about a foot wide and substantial, whilst offering you the equivalent of fourteen barbells (with mounted weights), it is the ideal addition to your expanding house gymnasium.



All is not ideal with the 2080 SelectTech system. Common barbells that are standalone and can be loaded up with all way of body weight plates utilizing collars that keep the weights on a ball-bearings. This allows the weights to transfer with the momentum of you lifting and thrusting and pushing the weights all over, making for a more nice and significantly less tense (on the arms and wrists) workout. This primarily arrives into engage in with swinging exercise routines like curls and extensions.

With barbells that have mounted weights, and the Bowflex 2080s, you don’t get that aid and simplicity of motion. And because the Bowflex barbells utilized virtually square plates, which can sense ungainly, some movements can sense uncomfortable and frustrating, particularly if you like to use a looser grip. It’s certainly not a offer-breaker, and you’ll immediately get utilized to the oddness of swinging the barbells, realizing when and how to alter your grip to make movements as sleek as doable.


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