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An Elevated Spirit – Men’s Journal

Every person has their spirit of decision, but not many can say that theirs comes with added overall health added benefits. If tequila isn’t your favorite spirit, you could want to rethink your go-to drink.

a hundred% agave tequila is 1 of the cleanest liquors out there and, when consumed in moderation, can in fact boost your all round overall health. So, drink up (responsibly, that is) and get pleasure from in much more methods than 1.

Reduced CAL + GLUTEN Absolutely free

For the calorie aware, tequila is the way to go with around sixty kcal for every shot — considerably lower than wine, champagne and hard seltzers. a hundred% agave tequila is also gluten no cost and even allows help in digestion by selling expansion of excellent micro organism.

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Opposite to other spirits, tequila is an upper somewhat than a downer, so it’s much more possible to elevate your mood. It also incorporates considerably less congeners (fermented items identified in most spirits), which is considerably considerably less possible to give you a hangover the up coming day.

Women Tequila

SWEET Dreams

Peace and calming are also some of the good outcomes of tequila. A small amount in advance of bedtime can reportedly assistance you tumble asleep a lot quicker and snooze much more soundly.

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a hundred COCONUTS: A Organic Convert UP

Ready to transform up and reap some bonus overall health added benefits? a hundred Coconuts has infused a hundred% agave tequila into their delicious a hundred% Pure Coconut H2o for the ideal results you could check with for in a cocktail. Liked in moderation, you can sip your way to excellent overall health all summer extensive!

100 Coconuts

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