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Alzheimer’s and memories: Use mementos as cues

Alzheimer’s and memories: Use mementos as cues

Alzheimer’s can rob your liked kinds of important memories. Make a memory box to assist them recall the past.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

Daily life is like a tapestry, woven from memories of people today and functions. Your unique tapestry reminds you of who you are, exactly where you’ve got been and what you’ve got done.

Individuals in the early phases of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias usually have problems recalling recent functions, but memories from early in lifestyle might continue being. Sadly, Alzheimer’s disease slowly will take these memories, as well. If you are caring for another person with dementia you can assist him or her control the start out of memory decline by generating a memory box or lender.

Making a memory lender

Reminiscences can be preserved in quite a few techniques. You can:

  • Maintain an digital folder with shots of loved ones associates and photographs of mementos from the person’s lifestyle
  • Publish down descriptions of crucial functions in the person’s lifestyle
  • Make a scrapbook or box with shots, newspaper clippings, letters, postcards, greeting playing cards, sketches, poetry or musical verses
  • Make a online video or audio recording of personal tales
  • Consist of beloved songs or Tv shows

Take into account making copies of something important for safekeeping.

When incorporating shots and documents to a memory box:

  • Use a jar or specific box. Label the jar or box and maintain it in a location the particular person can easily accessibility.
  • Consist of older shots. What age is your liked one particular residing in his or her head? You are going to want to involve plenty of photographs from that time.
  • Each individual picture tells a tale. Publish that tale as a caption for each and every image. Consist of the names of anybody in the picture and the day, if achievable.

To get the particular person talking for a online video or audio recording, you could start out by reminiscing about his or her loved ones background, traditions and celebrations. Childhood online games, houses and pets are usually superior opening matters — particularly as dementia progresses and recent functions develop into difficult to recall. You could also chat about beloved sports, textbooks, new music and hobbies, as effectively as cultural or historical functions.

Based on the status of the person’s memory, you could also want to job interview neighbors, buddies and loved ones associates.

Applying the memory lender

Once you generate the person’s memory lender, use it. Pull out shots and other things all through the working day to remind the particular person of specific relationships, functions and spots.

By documenting the person’s tale, you can affirm the constructive points he or she has done and, probably, can still do. Even following the person’s memories fade, generating this variety of treasury shows that you worth and respect his or her legacy — and it can assist remind you who the particular person was just before dementia.