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A personal approach to stroke treatment

Gregory Symko, D.C., is a chiropractor who specializes in helping men and women with mind troubles connected to stroke. He helps them make improvements to their hand-eye coordination and equilibrium troubles, functioning with their arms, legs, or palms.

Dr. Symko also delivers a special viewpoint to his get the job done: He is a stroke survivor.

Firsthand expertise

When he was 40 several years aged, Dr. Symko had a stroke, which he later on figured out had been a collection of 5 mini-strokes.

“I understood that if I could do mind-dependent remedy for myself, I could enable other stroke victims recover.”

– Gregory Symko, D.C.

Dr. Symko’s stroke still left him not able to see, eat, or walk. One thing as very simple as raindrops or wind on his hand would lead to intense soreness, and he had to dress in gloves to enable reduce it.

“It was awful,” he recollects. “I had extraordinary burning in my arm, leg, and facial area.”

His signs grew to become worse above time. In addition to soreness and numbness, he also had vertigo, which will make you truly feel like you are spinning. This brought on intense equilibrium troubles. He also couldn’t concentrate his eyes on something.

“When you have a stroke, your mind gets puzzled,” he says. “Areas of your mind that deal with your sense of contact can get messed up.” For case in point, his still left arm was numb, but he knowledgeable extraordinary soreness in his ideal arm.

Difficult get the job done pays off

For a several several years, Dr. Symko couldn’t do something on his have and had to get enable from his wife, spouse and children, and wellbeing care pros.

But following a few several years of challenging get the job done with actual physical therapists and occupational therapists, and on his have, Dr. Symko was ready to go back to work—just not as a chiropractor. He labored at a pharmaceutical enterprise and ongoing to choose care of himself by taking in properly, training day-to-day, and making use of mind-dependent remedy. He had to reteach his mind to concentrate and acquire use of his limbs once again.

“Mind-dependent remedy is all about teaching your mind to do new things,” Dr. Symko says. “I understood that if I could do mind-dependent remedy for myself, I could enable other stroke victims recover.”

Encouraging others

4 several years following returning to get the job done, Dr. Symko felt potent adequate to reopen his chiropractic business in Harmony, Massachusetts.

Now 61, he says that he treats individuals from a various viewpoint.

“A stroke variations you,” he says. “It place my existence on pause for seven several years, but now I’m more healthy than at any time.” He eats more healthy meals and understands the effects that physical exercise has on his mind.

Pushing harder

Though Dr. Symko sometimes has vision troubles at night and difficulty strolling due to equilibrium challenges, he says he isn’t going to get discouraged.

“I perspective these troubles as a message to push even harder to stay wholesome,” he says.

Dr. Symko advises all those who have suffered a stroke or who care for stroke victims to be individual and not give up.

“Try to eat properly, get lots of rest, and physical exercise routinely to retain your mind active,” he says. “Strokes aren’t the stop of the planet. You have to get the job done at recovery all the time.”